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Whitworths SHOTS are super-tasty little snacks, all less than 100 calories and full of natural goodness.


Each pack is crammed full of delicious dried fruit and nut with just a hint of indulgence ranging from dreamy creamy white chocolate, to soft, scrumptious toffee pieces.


Perfectly portioned and ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere, SHOTS are your go-to healthier yummy snack.

Great for seeing you through the working day and providing you with that much needed pick me up mid morning or during that afternoon slump!


With 5 delicious flavours to choose from there’s something to suit whatever mood you’re in! Make SHOTS your go-to goodness!

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If selected your company will receive four different flavours ranging from Berry & White Chocolate, Toffee & Pecan,

Fruity Biscuit and Chocolate & Hazelnut.

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March 2022