empowering gut health in everyone

You have the power to change your gut health, and because every gut is unique, your diet should be too. 

We're here to help.

4 bars flavour - Square.jpg

the snack bar for your gut

9/10 of us aren’t getting enough fibre*

but The Gut Stuff are here to

bring it back!

* NDNS, 2016

did you know that

Our fibre bars...

are vegan, gluten free,
made with no preservatives

taste good (even our mum says so)
and your gut bugs love fibre

a 1/3 of your daily fibre fix!**

** SACN, 2015

the gut stuff mission

wellness shouldn't be a middle-class luxury with expensive products and inaccessible messaging... our mission is to

empower gut health in everyone. the 'everyone' is key. everyone has a gut and everyone deserves to have better gut health

we can help you by empowering gut health and wellbeing knowledge in your team

workplace workshops

Most people don't know their gut health is linked to so many different health outcomes and overall wellbeing...EVERYONE has the right to know their guts and employees need and deserve access to experts and information to empower them to make "gut choices".


12.8 million working days are lost to stress and anxiety each year in the UK, knowing how to best feed your gut could be a game changer for so many suffering from feeling generally overwhelmed to serious depression

(Telegraph, August 2020).

the questionnaire is now closed.

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