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w/c 1st March 2021

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2021 needn’t be dull and boring. Forget what you’ve been told… you can say YES to Pudding!


With Hartley’s 10 Cal Jelly Pots you can still have a tasty sweet pudding. With fewer than 10 calories per pot you can absolutely say YES!


Available in a wide range of flavours; including Strawberry, Raspberry and Orange.


Vegan-friendly and sugar-free- you can find these delicious pots in the Jelly aisle, and now also in the ‘Meal Deal’ in supermarkets.


If your office is selected, each person will receive a pot of

10 Cal Jelly.

Join @10caljelly and #SayYEStoPudding this March! Tag them in your photos to be featured on the Hub of Joy. Don't forget to follow for more joy in 2021.

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