Available exclusively in Tesco stores

Sister’s Soda is inspired by Elizabeth Franklin, who pioneered the Franklin & Sons brand alongside her three brothers in Victorian Britain.

Lightly carbonated, the refreshing flavour combinations have been crafted using fruit extracts and a touch of British sugar beet. There are no artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives – low in calories, but still full of flavour.

If selected, you and your colleagues will receive an assortment of the following flavours to enjoy.

Discover a World of Flavour:

Guava & Lime with Ginger – choose Guava & Lime if you enjoy a twist on lime and Soda. Tropical guava has fresh and fruity flavour balanced by zesty lime and the warmth of root ginger.

Pomegranate & Hibiscus with Rose – choose this flavour if you love juicy pomegranates and the smell of roses. The pomegranate provides a fruity flavour, with added tart notes from hibiscus, all balanced by floral rose.

Pineapple & Cardamom – choose this flavour if you love light, sweet tropical pineapple flavour. Cardamom adds depth and an aromatic note, whilst Cubeb pepper provides subtle spice.

Franklin & Sons – Tonics, Mixers, Soft Drinks and Sodas

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