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 Introducing D by Diesel, the new fragrance for everyone. As universal as a pair of jeans and designed for a better future.

The olfactive interpretation of self-expression, D by Diesel gives you the confidence and freedom to act for change. This 3D textured fragrance is composed of 3 main notes: dynamizing ginger, denim cotton accord, and deep vanilla infusion sustainably sourced from Madagascar.


D by Diesel was created with the commitment to help innovate towards a more sustainable future, designed with a responsible approach without compromising quality.


This fresh genderfluid fragrance will be launching on the 

13th of July.


Opt-in now to receive this brand new launch from Diesel at your workplace. 

4. die_dbydiesel_stilllife_100andpack2_1x1_dmi_image_na_no-cta.jpg
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