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The Work Perk connects reputable brands with their desired target demographic, in the office environment, with amazing FREE products and samples.



The Work Perk rewards the global workforce by sending FREE samples of amazing and desirable products directly to the desks of millions of office workers. As one of the easiest employee reward programs, we will brighten up your day and allow you to try exciting products.

​Whilst employees benefit from trying lovely product samples, brands get the opportunity to place their products into the hands of their desired consumer demographic in an environment that is conducive to effectively engaging with a sample.


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The Work Perk SAOK with Chester

Small Acts Of Kindness


We teamed up with influential HR author and spokesperson, Chester Elton, for a fantastic social campaign all around Small Acts of Kindness in the workplace.

Throughout w/c 26th October 2020, Chester Elton conducted #SAOK interview pieces with different staff members at reputable companies - from Global Benefits Managers to Company Presidents - learning what initiatives they have implemented this year to boost employee morale and benefit company culture #SAOK.



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Heineken 0.0% Beer Office Perks - Boost Employee Morale



If you're a brand that is looking for a unique and fun way to engage your desired target audience in a clutter-free environment - then check out our different solutions here and drop us a note to chat things through.

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"Workplace sampling with The Work Perk has become a key feature in our marketing strategy for new product launches. Working with The Work Perk since 2017, we've successfully driven brand awareness amongst our target audience, through placement in relevant workplaces.

The actionable insights and videography feedback generated by each campaign have proved to be valuable in the initial product launch research. This is further showcased through the IPM 2018 "New Product Launch" gold award with our Nature Valley Nut Butter Cups. The Work Perk’s ability to diversify campaigns and deliver to our goals has led to a long term partnership that is sure to continue to innovate the sampling sector".

- Victoria Huggins, General Mills

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